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Latest news and predictions of the Premier League

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English Premier League Betting

The top tier of the English football system is called the Premier League and it’s known and loved by followers worldwide. League campaigns run from summer to spring, usually starting in early August and concluding late in May. Some of the top teams compete in the Premier League, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City.

Games are broadcast across the globe and the competition ranks as the most-watched football league in the world.

The Premier League is also the most bet-on football competition. The leading online sportsbooks offer members the chance to gamble on the season or upcoming matches. Each fixture boasts over 100 pre-match betting options with just as many available throughout the 90 minutes playing time thanks to in-play (real-time) betting. You can indulge in Premier League betting on your desktop computer at home or when on the move using a modern, reliable, and user-friendly mobile football betting app.

  • This page has all the information you need to follow and bet on the Premier League, including the competition’s history, the teams and betting strategies.

Premier League Betting

All major betting sites and apps accept bets on the English Premier League, and you’ll find the best of them listed on this page. You can gamble on the outright winner of the league, a team to finish in the top-four/six/ten, or on a team to be relegated or finish bottom. There are also football betting markets available on the Premier League-leading goalscorer, player of the year, and young player of the year. These markets are known as antepost bets and can be placed before the opening game of the season.

  • Many bookies accept in-play Premier League outright bets, updating the Premier League betting odds after every match.

You can also bet on each football match played in the Premier League, with over 100 pre-match and in-play betting markets available. The most popular of these include match winner, both teams to score, handicap, correct score, and half time/full time. There are also player betting markets where you can bet on an individual player to score, score first, get booked, or any other number of events.

There is no guaranteed way to make a profit from the Premier League, but there are ways to improve your chances of making your passion for English football pay. For example, you must research every bet before placing. Check the head-to-head results between two teams, the injury news, recent form, referee and the weather.

After making your prediction, you should then seek out the best Premier League betting odds available. You want the top price on every bet you make. Lastly, it’s worth checking which bookmakers are offering promotions such as free bets, cashback, and enhanced Premier League Betting odds on your fixture of choice.

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Popular Premier League Betting Options

Betting on the premier league is as exciting as it gets, but being aware of all the bets available will go a long way in building your bankroll. Premier league odds can vary greatly depending on the type of bet that’s placed and in the section below, we’re covering the most popular ones in the UK:

Under / Over 2.5 goals

Under 2.5 goals simply means that the game will have a maximum of two goals scored. In the over 2.5 goals bet, the match must have a minimum of three goals scored by any team.

Goalscorer Betting

There are multiple bets within the goalscorer markets. The most popular is betting on a player ‘to score anytime’. You also have the option to bet on a player to score first, last and to score a hattrick, to name a few.

Double Chance

With double chance, punters can choose two outcomes instead of one, but the Premier League odds reflect this. For example, in a Chelsea vs Liverpool match, you can choose to back Chelsea and the draw and your bet will only lose if Liverpool wins. All the double chance combinations are available when betting on the Premier League.

Both Teams to Score

As the name implies, this bet will need both teams to score in order for it to be successful. It’s a top favourite in Premier League betting, especially that the league is so competitive and the betting odds are always pretty decent.

  • Top BetFootball Tip – Combine a few of these & create a top Premier League accumulator bet

Premier League Outright Betting

Outright betting comes in many forms but the most popular one is a season-long bet where punters get to choose who will win the title. Bets can be placed before and during the season but the premier league winner odds will change as the season progresses. There are a multitude of outright bets available and if you follow the Premier league regularly, you’ll be able to leverage this knowledge into a well-informed outright bet. The following are some of the most popular outright bets:

  • Team to win the league
  • Top 4 finish
  • Top 6 finish
  • Top goalscorer
  • PFA Player of the Year
  • Team to score most goals

Premier League Relegation

This involves picking a team who you think will be relegated to the Championship at the end of the season. You have the option of choosing one team, but certain bookmakers have the option to bet on treble relegations, where they present odds for three teams to be relegated together.

Odds will get lower as the season comes closer to the end, but the matches become more fierce as the teams will battle it out to avoid relegation.

Premier League Player Betting

Premier League betting is full of options and if you’re looking to back a player, you won’t be disappointed. Apart from the regular goalscorer markets discussed above, punters can bet on players to have the most shots on target, players to get carded or sent off, betting on goal assists, and players to commit most fouls to name a few. The player betting options vary from one bookmaker to another but they will always have the options discussed in this section.

Premier League Team Betting

Team betting is very similar to outright betting but punters have the option to be on many different outcomes. For instance, some of the most popular ones include betting on teams to finish outside the top four, the team to get the most red cards, and the team to finish with the most clean sheets.

Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked

As the name suggests, this bet involves wagering on the manager to be relegated next in the Premier League. It involves far more knowledge than one would think. Apart from following the worst-performing clubs, you would need to keep note of how often the manager is changed, what triggers a sudden change in management, and the club owners’ tendencies to make impulsive decisions.

The little details make all the difference in this bet and watching manager interviews and press conferences goes a long way. While this is a popular betting market in the Premier League, across the English football system, particularly for teams that are in frequent turmoil.

For example, Sunderland manager odds can often be found, whether that be the next Sunderland manager odds or whether the current man in charge will leave and when.

Premier League Table


Upcoming Premier League Fixture Odds


Premier League Predictions + Tips

The Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world, making it very hard to predict, but not impossible. It remains competitive throughout the season and upsets occur on a regular basis. This opens the door to an array of value bets and if you’re aware of all the betting options available, you’ll quickly find value in premier league winner odds. Before we lay out our predictions for the Premier League, we’ve compiled a list of pro tips that will definitely help you towards a bigger bankroll.

Regular Injuries

Watch out for teams relying heavily on particular players – Most teams rely on a couple of star players to influence the game and injuries could play a significant role on the teams’ success.

January Transfers

The January transfer market is the time for teams to add reinforcements. Following premier league news will give you valuable insight into possible transfers, which could be the information you would need to place an outright bet before the odds fluctuate.

Winning Momentum

Teams that would have just won a competition are full of confidence and that winning momentum is likely to be carried over to the next season. Chelsea are doing very well in the Premier League this season so far and winning the Champions League definitely gave them the confidence they needed to be crowned champions of England.

Team Fatigue

The Premier League is a long season and the difference between the top teams and the rest is the strength of their substitute bench. Fatigue plays a huge role in a teams’ success, especially those teams that play multiple competitions simultaneously, like the Champions League and domestic cups.

Premier League Predictions

The usual suspects are always going to be contenders for the title: Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City are strong all around. There’s never much that separates the top four in the table and a point could be considered as a loss when competing for the title.

The Premier League is still in its early stages, however, The Blues are on roll this season, even stomping over Norwich with a 7-0 win to send a clear message. Our money is on Chelsea this year and with Premier League winner odds of 2/1, it’s not a bad bet.

Premier League Betting Offers at Football Betting Sites

The next step is to get your hands on Premier League betting offers to take advantage of what online bookmakers have to offer. We’ve compiled our best betting offers available to help you get started.


Players to Watch This Season

Mohamed Salah

Salah needs no introduction as he’s made an impact since the early days of joining Liverpool. The Egyptian national found the net 22 times last season in the Premier League and another nine in other competitions.

Salah scored his 100th goal for Liverpool this season and is on the road to becoming one of the best players of all-time for the Merseyside squad. Find a breakdown of his season here:

Kevin De Bruyne

This is De Bruyne’s seventh season with Manchester City and he has been influential for the club. His presence is felt in mid-field and he’s known for creative plays in the opponent’s half.

An all-around, solid player and a great choice to bet on him for goal assists. Take a closer look at De Bruyne’s statistics for Premier League season 2020/2021.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo’s dominance in the world of football speaks for itself and his return to the Premier League brought more media attention to the league than ever before.

The Number 7 star bagged a brace on his return for the club and is never too far from finding the net. Cristiano Ronaldo is always an excellent choice to bet on the goalscorer, particularly in big matches.

While there are no statistics to show for Cristiano Ronaldo for last season, the following are a summary of the Portugueses’ overall statistics when he played for the Red Devils.


The top-tier of English professional football has taken on many different shapes over the years and it has a rich history. The current set-up, known as the Premier League era, launched in 1992 with 20 teams playing a league campaign consisting of 38 matches.

50 clubs have played in the Premier League over the last three decades and many have enjoyed brief spells of success, but one team stands head and shoulders above the competition. Manchester United is English football’s most successful team and they enjoy unrivaled success in terms of league titles won.

The Red Devils currently hold 13 Premier League titles which puts them clear of the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal. The majority of that success came under the guidance of former manager Sir Alex Ferguson and the club has struggled since the Scotsman’s retirement. They haven’t won a league championship since 2013.

In that time, fans have watched with envy as their rivals from across the city have racked up the wins. Manchester City now have five titles with each of those achieved between 2012 and 2021.

Previous Premier League Winners:

Below you’ll find a table of English football’s most successful teams;

Man Utd 13
Chelsea 5
Man City 5
Arsenal 3
Blackburn 1
Leicester 1
Liverpool 1

Notable teams & players

Some of European football’s biggest names compete every season in the Premier League. In terms of teams, followers enjoy watching the likes of Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea compete for the title. Most of the 20 teams competing in a season have a global fanbase.

The division also attracts the most famous players. Like Harry Kane, Wayne Rooney, or David Beckham, some are homegrown talents, coming through the youth ranks before coaches give them their big break. Others are foreign stars, bought for vast sums of cash in the summer or winter transfer windows, attracted by the popularity and big wages offered.

The Premier League player with the most appearances is Gareth Barry, who played in the top flight of English football a total of 653 times. That places him ahead of Ryan Giggs, who retired on 632 and the 609 of Frank Lampard. Of course, goals are the aim of the game in football, and the Premier League all time top scorers are some of the most revered.

The Premier League all time top scorers chart is is Alan Shearer, who netted 260 goals in 441 appearances between 1992 and 2006. Wayne Rooney is second on that list with 208 goals before we find Andy Cole on 187. However, there are some modern players who are hot on the tail of this top three, so the Premier League all-time top scorers could change within the coming years, or even months.

Bet Football On The Most Popular League in the World

The Premier League not only fills stadiums across the country every week of the season with thousands packing into the terraces to cheer on their favourite teams and players, but the competition also attracts a global audience.

It is particularly popular in Asia, where it ranks as the most widely distributed sports programme. Matches are also shown live in Australia, India, the United States of America, Canada, Germany, France, and many other big countries.

The current record for the most viewers tuning into a Premier League match stands at 5.5 million who witnessed a goalless draw between Merseyside rivals Liverpool and Everton. That figure smashed the previous record of 4.2 million for Man City v Man Utd.

With so many people already invested in the league, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get involved in all the top quality football betting action that the Premier League boasts this year.

Premier League Betting FAQ

  • When does the Premier League start?

    The Premier League starts in late August each year,
  • How many games are played in the Premier League?

    Each team plays every other team in the league twice, home and away. This means that there are each team has 38 match days which totals 380 games across the Premier League each year.
  • How much do Premier League referees get paid

    Premier League referees earn a yearly salary between £38,500 and £42,000 plus an additional £1,150 for every match they referee.
  • How long is half-time in premier league football?

    Half time lasts 15 minutes.