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Latest news and predictions of the Champions League

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Upcoming & Live Champions League Betting Opportunities

The Champions League is the highest level of competition run by UEFA. It boasts the best teams in European football from the top leagues across Europe, including the English Premier LeagueSpanish La LigaItalian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and the German Bundesliga.

The matches are broadcast worldwide, with the final of the annual tournament attracting viewing figures in the millions. The Champions League is viewed by football experts as the sport’s greatest club competition, and it’s easy to see why.

The tournament begins in early summer with the qualifying rounds before the playoff matches to decide the last few places in the competition proper. Next comes the group stages, and this is when things get interesting with the top seeds kept apart.

After three group games, the Champions League goes through the knockout stages, including the quarter-final, semi-final, and final, to decide a champion.

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The Champions League is one of the most popular football tournaments to bet on, not only in football. If you’d like to give it a try and start betting on Europe’s elite, then now is a great time.

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Latest Champions League Betting Predictions

Champions League Betting

There are many ways to bet on the Champions League and gamblers love to mix and match their interest. For a season-long bet, they play the outright market, predicting which side will lift the trophy. For a short-term bet, they gamble on upcoming fixtures. Each match shown on television has over 100 markets which are available pre-game and in-play.

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After securing an account with the best bookmaker in Europe you are all set to start betting on the Champions League. The most popular football betting markets include winner, first goalscorer, correct score, total goals, handicap and dozens more.

Best Champions League Bets

When you are looking at the best options for Champions League bets, you should definitely take a look at any of the following bet types:

  • Bet on Champions League draw – This is a good one, as you can easily cover the kind of groups that come out; just be sure to check the various Pots for each time to avoid any immediate mistakes.
  • Bet Champions League top scorer – This is a useful bet as you can notice a little trend forming early in the group stages and put a punt on any of the top players who you think could be top scorer.
  • Champions League finalist betting – This is a good one to include as if you notice a couple of teams who are flying high at just the right time they could be a good shout to reach the final itself.
  • Accumulators that can cover multiple matches in the group stages – These are great as they can really add-up big and with so many surprises you can pull some great value out of the hat.
  • Champions league winner betting – This is an obvious one, but it is one of the best bets as there are typically only a few teams who can realistically win the UCL on any given season.

Champions League Betting Tips

If you want to make sure your Champions League betting odds are more successful, then make sure you follow on with these easy to use Champions League betting tips:

  • Always throw in a few favourites– Whilst building an acca, it is always wise to cover a few of the favourites in your acca. It might not strengthen the winnings much, but it does improve your chances of success.
  • Keep in simple in the group stages – The group stages are pretty standard, with most results happening as one would have expected. So, do not look to find too many shocks in the group stages, especially in the latter matchdays.
  • Try to spot trends – Some teams tend to go on little runs in Europe, such as going on runs of wins away from home, or scoring the opening goal. Try to spot and play on these little trends.
  • Research is key – Always be sure to look at the last few games as well as the injury condition of any squad that you are about to be on to win or lose – a bit of research goes a long way in Champions League betting!
  • Use Bonus Offers– Lastly, be sure to look around for the best Champions League betting offers from the bookmakers listed above . This can help you to save a pretty penny when handling and managing your bets.

Best Champions League Betting Sites

If you are serious about Champions League betting, then you should definitely take a look at the most popular betting sites. Typically, the best Champions League betting offers can be found on platforms such as

History of Champions League

The idea of a competition involving the champions of all major leagues in Europe had been around for decades before the early version of the Champions League came to life. The competition was launched in 1955 and then rebranded in 1992 to what we know and love today. The winner’s list reads like a who’s who of football with some of the biggest names in Britain taking pride of place alongside the top teams from Italy, Spain, Germany and beyond.

The first edition of the cup was played in 1955 and consisted of 16 champions and a few invitations. Included in that inaugural list and taking their place in history was Scottish side Hibernian who featured alongside the likes of Milan, Anderlecht, Milan, and Sporting CP.

Since then the competition has risen in prominence to today being considered as the ultimate achievement in club football with the winner being considered the best of the best. Hence, millions of viewers from across the world tune in to watch the matches from the tournament which takes place across the football year with the final match bringing the domestic season to a close.

Champions League Format

The Champions League format can be pretty confusing. To help you better understand how this process works, here is a brief breakdown of how the Champions League format takes place.

The Champions League fixtures start with qualifying rounds, typically involving the Champions and Best Placed qualifiers from the smaller leagues in UEFA.

The Champions League group stages begin usually in August, and consist of the 32 remaining teams (some qualify through their league placing, others via the qualifiers mentioned above).

The new Champions League format starting in the near future will instead see larger groups of eight, with a more round-robin style akin to what we see in European basketball competitions.

Regardless of the group stages format, the Champions League round of 16, Champions League quarter finals, Champions League semi finals, and Champions League final all take place one after another once the group stages end.

The Champions League Final 2021 was held in Portugal, taking place at the Estadio do Dragao, home of FC Porto. The 2022 Final will be hosted in Russia, using the Krestovsky Stadium.

Champions League Winners

The record books throw up some interesting European Cup facts. Real Madrid rates as the most successful team with 13 wins to their name, with Los Blancos well clear of nearest rivals Milan on seven. The Spaniards surged ahead thanks to three titles in three seasons between 2016 and 2018. The best performing team from the UK is Liverpool with six wins, the same tally as Bayern Munich of Germany.

Below you’ll find a table of the most successful nations in this competition.


Spain 18
England 14
Italy 12
Germany 8
Netherlands 6


The Champions League rates as one of the most-watched and popular sports competitions on the planet with new followers tuning in every year. The viewing figures and coverage of the qualifying rounds are relatively low but by the time the league evolves to the group stages all matches are shown on TV to audiences in the millions.

It may be a European football competition and the majority of fans tune in from within the continent but games, especially in the later stages, attract huge audiences from Asia and the Americas. The final pulls in more viewers than the Superbowl, and only remains behind spectacles such as the World Cup final and the summer Olympics.

Notable teams & players

If you are a lover of football you’ll know all teams playing in the Champions League each season. There are the usual suspects, such as Real Madrid, Man City, PSG, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Every few seasons a team battles through qualifying to join the party for the first time.

Top players

Champions League matches involve the most famous players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Ronaldo plays for Juventus while Messi is currently on the books of French side PSG following a summer switch from Barcelona. Other stars to look out for in the group stages are Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harry Kane, and Virgil van Dijk.

Cristiano Ronaldo currently holds the record for most goals scored in the Champions League with his tally sitting at 134 which is 14 more than Lionel Messi with Robert Lewandowski in third with 73 goals.

The player with the most appearances is Iker Casillas on 177 games played between 1999 and 2019. In that time he turned out for two clubs, 150 for Real Madrid and the other 27 in the colours of Porto.

Champions League Highlights

The Champions League has brought up some incredible Finals moments over the years. If you want some fine examples of the best moments in UCL history, then we highly recommend you check out games like:

  • Liverpool AC Milan, 2005 Champions League Final – The 3-3 draw has gone down in history, as Liverpool came back from 3-0 down at half-time to take the tie to penalties and beat one of the best AC Milan sides in modern history in a pulsating match-up.
  • Chelsea FC Bayern, 2012 Champions League Final – This event seen Chelsea overcome the sacking of manager Andre Villas-Boas mid-season to go to Munich, score in the last minute, and take the game to penalties, beating FC Bayern in their own stadium.
  • Manchester United FC Bayern, 1999 Champions League Final – The two last minute goals from United went down in history, turning a defeat in Barcelona into a truly special evening that culminated in arguably the peak of the Alex Ferguson era at Old Trafford.
  • Borussia Dortmund Juventus 1997 Champions League Final – Juventus fell again in another pulsating final, seeing Lars Ricken come off the bench to lob the Juventus keeper with his first touch, creating history and securing the first (and only) UCL title for BVB.
  • FC Barcelona Manchester United 2009 Champions League Final – In Rome, Barcelona secured the UCL trophy again as they outclassed United and Lionel Messi arguably made his strongest bid to be deemed the best player in the world.

Champions League FAQ

  • When is the Champions League final 2021?

    The 2021 UCL Final was held in May 2021, with Chelsea FC defeating Manchester City 1-0.
  • What time is the Champions League final?

    To watch Champions League Final showpieces, you usually are looking for the program to start around 6.30PM, and the Champions League Final kick off time is around 8PM most years.
  • When is the Champions League draw?

    The draw usually takes place at the end of August, typically around the 31st August.
  • Is Champions League final on TV?

    Yes, as mentioned above the Champions League Final is on TV, and is typically on both paid for TV and traditional free TV channels.
  • What channel is the Champions League final on?

    It depends where you are based, but for those in the UK the UCL Final is held on both BT Sports. The ITV Champions League package also allows for you to watch the game on traditional TV.