Next Manager to be Sacked Betting Guide

What is Next Manager to be Sacked Betting?

The next manager to be sacked market is always a very interesting way to bet on football outside of games. For a little background, it’s exactly what it sounds like, football betting sites provide odds for who they think will be the next manager sacked. This is normally restricted to whatever league the team that coach manages in. So, you will have one market that will be for the next Premier League manager to be sacked and you will have a different one for the next championship manager to be sacked odds.

The next manager sacked odds can fluctuate wildly meaning it is an exciting as well as a potentially profitable way to bet. A manager will normally get sacked for a team’s poor performance. This is quite measurable and easy to predict. A team goes on a bad run of results, there are some rumblings about unhappy players, fans start to boo, the coach gets sacked. This is a pretty straightforward way to explain most sackings.

However, sometimes much less predictable forces can come into play: The manager could have an argument with the owner and be sacked or you could be Watford who likes to play musical chairs with their coaches. There are of course other reasons as football is such a volatile business anything can happen.

Why Bet on the Next Manager to be Sacked?

As already hinted at above, betting on the next manager sacked can be very profitable. Odds get shorter and drift very fast and quite frequently, especially when it comes to the next premier league manager to be sacked odds. No league in the world loves the rumor mill more than the premiership which means bookmakers have to react. Unlike with normal match betting the next manager to be sacked market has a more level playing field. The bookmakers have to go by media reports and rumors – just like the public do.

There are certain clever ways to approach the next manager to be sacked markets. One is to follow certain sources like Sky sports news and BBC Sport. These are generally reliable sources in the world of football. When it comes to specific clubs try and find beat reporters. These are journalists that report on specific clubs. The Athletic have designated reporters for most clubs in the Premiership and also for a lot of the big clubs across Europe.

Perhaps an even better way to get ahead of the bookmakers is to try to get a head start. Perhaps you think a club may part with their manager but may want to wait for the summer to avoid disruption to their club. You can also then look at available managers or ones that may come available in the summer. Then you can try match up clubs and coaches and you could get a huge jump on the bookmakers.

Best Leagues for Manager to Be Sacked Betting

You can bet on the manager to be sacked from virtually any league in the world but there are a few that see a higher turnover of managers and hence are more fertile ground for betting on this market.

Next Premier League Manager to be Sacked

As already discussed, the Premier League is one of the most volatile leagues in all of sport. This means clubs are very trigger-happy when it comes to sackings and turnover is quite regular.

Next Championship Manager to be Sacked

The Championship has huge issues currently with money and clubs spending too much and going into liquidation. Clubs risk it all to get that huge payout that comes from promotion to the Premier League. This means there is basically no room for error so again turnover is very high.

Next League 1 Manager to be Sacked

I think you can tell where I’m going here. English football has a huge trickle-down effect. League 1 is only one step away from the Championship which is only one step from the golden ticket. So, of course, League 1 just like the previous two has a regular change to their hot seats.

Next Manager to be Sacked Odds

Here are the next premier league manager to be sacked odds. Odds have been taken from Paddy Power’s next manager sacked odds.

Manager Odds
Rafael Benitez 10/11
Ralph Hasenhuttl 7/2
Claudio Ranieri 15/2
Marcelo Bielsa 14/1
Brendan Rodgers 6/1
Eddie Howe 20/1
Dean Smith 20/1
Sean Dyche 25/1
Graham Potter 33/1
Mikel Arteta 25/1
Bruno Lage 40/1
Thomas Frank 40/1
Patrick Vieira 50/1
Antonio Conte 50/1
Steven Gerrard 66/1
David Moyes 80/1
Thomas Tuchel 80/1
Pep Guardiola 80/1
Jurgen Klopp 80/1
*Odds were accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change

Next Manager to be Sacked Predictions

So, who do we think will be next premier league manager to be sacked? At the moment this is a tough question. Norwich, Aston Villa, Newcastle United, Watford, and most recently Manchester United have parted ways with their coaches recently. Realistically these were the 5 most likely to sack their coaches when you go back over the last two months.

Raffa Benítez

Rafa Benitez is the odds-on favorite to be sacked next – but is it accurate?

Rafa Benitez at the top of the market at 4/1 is a sure sign the bookies don’t know what to do.

First of all, 4/1 is a big price for the next manager sacked, that’s your first sign. The next is that Benitez isn’t exactly doing a terrible job and there hasn’t really been much talk about him losing his job. This is mostly because Benitez is having terrible luck with injuries. The squad is slowly and surely getting healthy again and one or two good wins will take the heat off Benitez.

The second favourite to be sacked really shows how unpredictable this market is and how the bookies can’t predict the next manager to be sacked. Brendan Rodgers? Really? He won an FA Cup with Leicester last season and has come so close to a Champions League place the last two years. In my opinion, there is very little chance Rodgers will be sacked. They have had two very good seasons and a slight regression to the mean is to be expected. A good result in Naples in their final Europa League game will see them through their Europa League group and who knows after that, maybe they’ll finally qualify for the Champions League by winning the Europa League.

So as things are unpredictable, we might as well look at some bigger prices. Claudio Ranieri at 10/1 looks a nice price simply because of how Watford owners run the club. They have had 17 managers in 10 years which is a crazy statistic! Ranieri has settled in very well and they had an unbelievable result against Manchester United. However, a few bad results and all that changes. It could be a good time to get on that price while things are good at vicarage road. For the moment.

A much bigger price to have a look at in the next manager sacked market is Eddie Howe at 40/1. Now, this might seem crazy as Howe hasn’t even been on the sideline for a Newcastle match yet but the thinking is similar to the Ranieri bet. Things look as settled as they ever are right now so the next phase of sackings will likely come from relegation-threatened clubs. Newcastle has new owners and relegation would be an absolute disaster and likely won’t be tolerated. They are the only team still yet to win a game and if that streak continues much longer you never know. Howe could be packing his bags before he even had time to settle.

Lastly, next manager sacked odds also includes an option to bet on no manager to be sacked before the end of the season at 16/1. As I have already said all the teams likely to sack their coach have. Things will likely get tense again as the season comes closer to a finish but most of the clubs in danger of relegation have already sacked their manager so perhaps this bet could be worth a small bet.

Best Next Manager to be Sacked Bookmakers

If you want to bet on the next manager to be sacked, these are the betting sites you should check out to do so:

paddypower logo

Paddy Power

Paddy Power love a bit of controversy so having good next manager sacked odds is always a must for them. Keep an eye on their social media for enhanced prices or some other enticing offers



Ladbrokes next manager to be sacked odds are also very competitive. A lot of sites may not even have a next manager to be sacked market on their site but Ladbrokes always have up-to-date odds at your fingertips.

bet365 logo

Bet 365

Just like every market on their site, the next manager to be sacked Bet 365 odds are going to be hard to beat. They generally have the best odds around and for this market, it’s no different. 


We hope we have given you a good explanation of how the next manager to be sacked market works and hopefully you will be able to find the best next manager to be sacked odds for your own football bet. Remember to try to keep up to date on club news and rumors and don’t be afraid to have a look at some managers in the other European leagues that may be available. If you get ahead of the pack you could be onto a big winner!