Tournament Football Betting Markets – Bet on Football Teams

Tournaments provide the most concentrated level of football betting there is. This is because there are usually fewer teams and fewer matches but with more unique betting options than what you find when betting on domestic leagues. What types of football bets are available during tournaments? Find out here.


The outright winner betting is the most popular market with sports bettors. It attracts the attention of avid sports fans and bettors as well as more casual punters. The reason this market is so well received is it’s straightforward and easy to play.

As the name suggests, you are predicting which team you believe will win the competition. This market is available both pre-tournament and in-play although the earlier you bet, the better your odds will be.

Many best foootball betting sites offering odds also offer the cash-out feature on the outright betting market. Cash-out allows you to back a team to go all the way before the start, then consider cashing out for a profit later in the tournament. For example, if you backed a team at big odds and made it to the semi-final, you may want to cash out and secure a profit.

tournament winners betting

Name the Finalists

Name the finalists is a team betting market related to the winners of a tournament. It’s slightly different from the above option, and the odds will be bigger than the outright football betting. The reason for the more considerable odds is this is a more challenging market to get right. It’s one bet and one stake. Horse racing and greyhound bettors could think of it as a reverse forecast style bet.

Here you are picking two teams to meet in the final. The final result isn’t essential when placing this bet. Let’s say, for example; you did a name the finalists bet on England and Germany. If the final is a game involving England and Germany, your bet is a winner. If England beat Germany, your bet is a winner. If Germany beat England, your bet is a winner.

An exciting bet and offers value for money as players will be cheering on the results of two teams. You’ll want them to stay apart in the knockout stages, so this bet requires research. Make sure you select two nations from opposite sides of the draw, or it will be a wasted bet. Remember, with this market, you are betting on the fixture, not the winner.

name the finalistt betting

Teams to Reach the Final

A betting market that challenges bettors to predict a team to reach the final. Usually, a safe bet if you are hot on the chances of a team that maybe aren’t one of the pre-tournament favourites in the outright odds.

The reason for that is you are backing a team to reach the final, and it doesn’t matter which opponent they play in the deciding match. It also doesn’t matter if they lift the trophy or not. If the team you backed makes it to the final, your bet will be paid out as a winner, and you’ll have the profits in your account before the big match.

Another positive of this bet, besides the safety net afforded by the selection of your team losing in the final is you can make an extra bet in the final. When your pick books their place in the final, the profits due to you will be paid after the semi-final. You can then withdraw that cash or use it to place a bet on the final.

to reach the final betting

Group Winners

Another favourite of football fans and bettors as it offers an interest across a range of fixtures. You can bet on teams from different groups to finish on top of their sets. Some bettors even create multiples such as accumulators to develop more significant football betting odds.

When playing the group winners market, you predict which team will finish in pole position of their pool. The number of games won and points collected isn’t essential for this one. If your selected team has more points than any other in their group, your bet will be settled as a winner. If more than one team finishes with the same number of points, the places will be determined by other means, including most goals or the head-to-head result.

This keeps you glued to the team’s form with your stake attached, but you will also be keeping a close eye on the results and number of goals scored by their main rivals. The excitement starts on matchday one and lasts until the final round of games from the group stages. Pick a few of the favourites, or take an outsider to win the group. There is usually at least one upset result in the groups of major international football tournaments.

group winners betting

Teams to Qualify From Their Groups

Another popular group stage football betting market is the teams to qualify option. In the bet above, you are betting on a team to finish top of their group. This market challenges you to pick a team to qualify. They can do this by finishing first or second in their pool.

It doesn’t matter which spot the team fills as long as they qualify. You don’t get paid more if they win the group, and you don’t lose your stake if they finish second. This bet’s odds are slightly less than the group winner as you have a better chance to win your bet. You can back one team as a single or add teams from different groups to create a multiple. Some bookmakers also give you a YES/NO option. You can pick any team and get odds to qualify from their group and odds in them not to qualify from their group.

groups to qualify betting

Promotions & Offers

There are welcome bonuses reserved for new customers opening an account and registering with a particular bookmaker for the first time. There are also recurring bonuses that can be found on the promotions tab of your chosen bookmakers’ website or app. These are available to both new and existing customers.

Your bookmaker may also want to send you various promotion offers through email, texts or on-site messages that appear when you log in. To get these you have to activate the function in your account settings.


Is your team in a tournament this year? Well, then you can support your favourite team and profit from their success by joining the best football betting sites’ various markets. You can also spice up your interest in other games by placing a wager on the outcome.

*all odds were accurate at time of publishing but are examples only and are subject to change,