Football Accumulator Guide

Football Accumulator Tips & Tricks to Multiply Your Betting Potential

The football accumulator is one of the most popular bet types when betting on football and if you’re unsure about the concept, how the accumulator bet is placed or looking for an in-depth guide, look no further!

On this page, we’ll delve deep into football accumulators to give you a better understanding of what needs to be done to make a profit. If you follow this football accumulator guide, you’ll be in a far better position to make more informed betting decisions and which results in better profits. We will provide football acca tips that will ensure you place bets like this accurately.

What are Football Accumulators?

An accumulator bet is simply a number of football bet selections included in one bet slip. Simple, right? Well, here’s the catch. In order for an accumulator bet to be a winning one, all the bet selections included in the bet slip will need to be successful. There is no room for error in an accumulator bet, which is why each bet selection must be chosen very carefully.

The number of bet selection limits varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, although most will let you add a significant amount. Needless to say, the more bet selections you have on your bet slip, the higher the potential payout will be. In the section below, we’ll cover how the odds are calculated on an accumulator bet.

How Does an Accumulator Bet Work?

In a footy accumulator bet, the odds of each bet selection on the betslip will need to be multiplied by each other to give you the final odds. Once the final odds are compiled in the betslip, your stake is then multiplied by the final odds, resulting in a potential payout amount. For example, in a football accumulator, you decide to pick three games and it works as follows:

Bet 1: Liverpool vs Chelsea – Chelsea to win at 5/2 (3.50)

Bet 2: Arsenal vs Manchester United – Draw at 23/10 (3.30)

Bet 3: Newcastle vs Tottenham – Tottenham to win at 7/5 (2.40)

3.50 x 3.30 x 2.40 = 27.72 x £20 = £554.40


All we did was multiply the odds together and then multiplied again by your stake for the footy accumulator bet. Don’t be fooled by the odds! A Football accumulator is not easy to win but if you research, study the game, and pay attention to any football acca tips that come your way, there is potential for great profits.

In reality, you won’t need to calculate anything. The betslip will do all the work and all you need to do is insert your stake and you’re all set.

How to Lay an Accumulator

Accumulator bets are very easy to place. If you know which games you want to include in your selection, all you need to do is click on the odds of the outcome and the selection should be included in your betslip.

Keep doing this for all the bets you want to have included in your bet slip and at the bottom, you’ll have the potential return being calculated as your bets are added. Once you’re done, add your stake and your accumulator is placed.

Football Accumulator at Paddy Power

How to Win Accumulator Bets

Like any bet, footy accumulators, sometimes known as footy accas or footyaccums, need research and knowledge of the sport for a better chance of being successful and as always, football betting strategy should be at the forefront of your mind.

As a general rule, try to stick to a few bet selections on your football accumulator as the more you add, the harder the bet comes. Hence, one of our first footy acca tips, is that we don’t recommend placing football accas with more than five folds (aka bets). Ideally, football accumulators won’t have more than three selections, especially when betting on the Premier League, where the games are harder to predict.

Winning football accumulator bets also depends on your strategy. If you’re looking to slowly build your bankroll, you should choose games where there are heavy favourites. For example, a good example would be if you back Manchester City when playing at home against Norwich. Take advantage of the fact that you can select games from different leagues and competitions.

This strategy is less risky and can even include more bet selections when feasible, but if you’re looking for bigger profits, you can include a risky or semi-risky game to your selection to spice up the odds.

Types of Accumulator Bets

There are different types of accumulator bets that exist apart from the standard one covered in the sections above and when used correctly, they can reduce some of the risk of the traditional acca bet. For instance, one particular acca bet, the each way accumulator was designed to be wagered on horse racing.

The most common accumulator bets include the doubles, where two games are selected and both need to win, and also the other is the trebles, which includes three games. However, some footyaccums can get a little complicated and below, we’ll explain how a fourfold bet works.

What is a Fourfold Bet?

A fourfold football acca bet is a type of accumulator bet which includes four selections which all need to come through for the bet to be successful. The principle behind a fourfold bet is the same as other accas, however, some punters confuse the fourfold bet with a yankee bet, which is also a type of accumulator bet which involves four selections, however, 11 bets in total are placed within a yankee bet (doubles, trebles and a 4-fold acca.)

Football Accumulator Folds

However, of course, the football accumulator fold system applies to all sizes of acca football bet. Whether that be a 2, 3 or even a 10-fold football accumulator. Check the table below for details:

Number of selections Type of Acca Football Bet
2 Double
3 Treble
4 Four-fold accumulator
5 Five-fold accumulator
6 Six-fold accumulator
7 Seven-fold accumulator
8 Eight-fold accumulator
9 Nine-fold accumulator
10 Ten-fold accumulator

The first of today’s acca tips is that naturally, the larger the fold on your football accumulator the less likely it is to come home. Therefore, while the payout of a ten-fold footy acca might have an allure, it is that acca football bet with just 4 or 5 five folds that is likely to come home. Hence, sometimes less is more when it comes to football accumulators. Below you will find find a full list football accumulators you are likely to find and an explanation of how they work.


This is a single bet on one event. The outcome you predicted needs to materialize for the bet to be successful.


A doubles bet is a one single bet with two selections on the bet slip. Both selections must come through in order to get paid out.


A treble bet is exactly like the doubles bet above, but with three selections in your bet slip. All selections must come through too on a treble bet.


A Trixie bet is one of the most popular football accumulators as it only combines a few bets and the betslip won’t get too pricey. It consists of four bets in total and includes 3 doubles and 1 treble bet combined. A minimum of two of your bet selections must be winners in order to get a return. For example, if your three selections were Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to win, then your four bets would be:

  1. Liverpool & Chelsea to win (double)
  2. Liverpool & Arsenal to win (double)
  3. Chelsea & Arsenal to win (double)
  4. Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal combined in a treble.



A Patent bet consists of seven bets involving three selections in different events. This bet includes a single on each game, three doubles and one treble. One successful bet will guarantee a return, but not a profit. Taking the example above, your Patent bet will include the following 7 bets:

  1. Liverpool to win (single)
  2. Chelsea to win (single)
  3. Arsenal to win (single)
  4. Liverpool & Chelsea to win (double)
  5. Liverpool & Arsenal to win (double)
  6. Chelsea & Arsenal to win (double)
  7. Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to win (treble)


A Yankee includes a total of 11 bets consisting of four selections in different events. The Yankee includes six doubles, four trebles, and a football accumalator. Two of your selections must come through in order to make a return. Let’s break down the 11 bets involved in a Yankee. We’ll need to add a few more teams in order to compile the Yankee:

Six double bets:

  1. Liverpool & Chelsea to win (double)
  2. Liverpool & Arsenal to win (double)
  3. Chelsea & Arsenal to win(double)
  4. Arsenal & Manchester City to win (double)
  5. Chelsea & Manchester City to win (double)
  6. Liverpool & Manchester City to win (double)

Four treble bets

  1. Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal to win (treble)
  2. Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City to win (treble)
  3. Liverpool, Arsenal and Man City to win (treble)
  4. Arsenal , Chelsea and Man City to win (treble)

And finally, a four-fold accumulator to complete the Yankee.

Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 has a total of 15 bets, which involves four selections in different events. The Lucky 15 bet includes four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and one four-fold. These types of bets are considered as a sort of insurance, as you will still get paid out if some teams don’t win their respective games. Essentially, the Lucky 15 is identical to the Yankee above but with the additional four singles bets.


From here on end, these combination football acca bets become more complex and expensive to wager. The Canadian, also known as the Super Yankee, involves five selections and a total of 26 bets. The Canadian bet consists of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-fold accumulators and 1 five-fold accumulator. A £10 wager on a Canadian bet will cost you £260, as you’ll be placing a tenner on every bet.

Lucky 31

This bet consists of 31 bets from 5 selections in different matches or events. The bets that are included are 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator. The difference between the Lucky 31 and the Canadian is that this bet includes 5 singles.


This monstrous bet consists of a total of 57 bets across six events and includes 15 doubles, 10 trebles, 15 four-folds, six five-folds and one five-fold football accumulator. There are multiple advantages and drawbacks to each of these complex multiples bets, but you could start with placing the lowest wager possible to get an idea of the potential profit you could make from a Heinz bet. If you’re looking for acca tips, be sure to practise some low wagering bets before moving up to accas of this scale.

Lucky 63

Lucky 63 is almost identical to the Heinz bet above, with the additional 6 single bets to bring the total to 63 bets. A £1 wager will cost you £63 in reality, as you’ll be placing 63 x £1 bets.

Super Heinz

A Super Heinz has 120 bets in total, all across 7 selections in different matches or events. The bet has 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and a seven-fold accumulator.


This is as big as they get. Consisting of 247 bets and involving 8 selections, The bet will cost a fortune as it includes 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and an eight-fold football accumulator.

How Does an Each-way Accumulator Work?

Each-way accumulators essentially involves two bets which includes one on the whole selection, and another on the same selection to be placed (top three finish in horse racing). In the accumulator each-way bets, you have the potential to win the whole amount if your place bets are successful, but your odds will be adjusted should it fail.

Bet Builder

Bet Builder is a relatively new feature that allows punters to place a number of bets on the same event. Technically, bet builders are not accas, but the same principle applies – all the conditions of the bet builder must come through for the bet to be a winning one.

For example, players are able to bet on both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, which team to score first and the home team to score a penalty, all in the same bet. The options are endless in any bet builder, but the more selections you have, the harder it is to win but the better the payout.

Bet365’s bet builder was one of the first to be introduced to the market and it took sports betting by storm. Many followed suit, with the Paddypower bet builder taking things a step further by offering players a free bet if one of the selections on the bet builder doesn’t come through.


Football Accumulator Tips

The secret to success behind football accumulators is placing small and very educated bets. Without knowledge of the league or competition you want to bet on, there’s a far smaller chance of making a profit from football accas. We have provided a list of football acca tips today that can help you boost your chances of success when placing these tips of bet,

Small Bets

The first of our football acca tips is that when placing football accumulator bets, placing a double or a treble is well within the range of a smart bet. As explained above, the more selection on your acca, the smaller your chances become. As a general rule, odds of ½ are decent enough to place on an acca bet, especially if both selections chosen are backing heavy favourites. For example, placing a single bet on Manchester City to beat Norwich at odds of 1/10 is not attractive enough to make a profit. However, combining it with another favourite with odds of ⅖ will give you combined odds of 27/50.

Don’t Get Fooled by the High Odds

One rookie mistake that many football punters make is that they place gargantuan acca bets because the odds were too good to pass up. Hence of our next footy acca tips is that if you’re looking to make a decent profit over time, make sure you’re always aiming for relatively easy achievable odds. We’d all like to hit a nine-fold football accumulator with ridiculous returns but there’s a reason most punters fail – they’re incredibly hard to predict.

Football Research

The next football acca tips may sound like common sense but if you’re not familiar with a particular league or competition, refrain from placing any bets on it. It’s unwise to bet in the dark and doing so will quickly become gambling. There are plenty of matches in every league or competition, so rest assured you’ll have plenty of betting options to choose from. The more you know, the better your chances are at making a profit. Check out sites like BBC Sports and Sky Sports for info from journalists.

Find Acca Insurance

The last of our football acca tips asks you to consider preparing for just one of your bets on your footy acca letting you down. You can do this by making sure that you use acca insurance. Acca insurance is offered by many football betting sites and the way it works is that if only part of your acca lets you down, then you don’t lose the entirety of your bet. Depending on the acca insurance you get, the exact details of how your acca is insured will vary. Two of the best on the market are the Betfred acca insurance and the PaddyPower acca insurance. Of course, yo should read the Paddy Power acca insurance terms & Betfred Acca insurance rules before claiming it so you know what you’re insured for.

Best Football Accumulator Betting Sites

There are hundreds of online footballl betting sites but only a few stand out of the crowd. There’s a reason why the big names in the game have stood the test of time and it’s usually because of their ability to delight their punters’ expectations, have very competitive odds, and a multitude of bets to keep all players entertained. The following are some of the best betting sites to place football accumulator bets:



One of the most respected online bookmakers and a favourite amongst UK punters. Coral football accumulators come in abundance so you can rest assured to find everything you’re looking for.

Coral has an exceptional betting platform which makes it one of the best betting sites in the UK for football accumulator bets.a



Ladbrokes is another sports betting powerhouse in the UK and across Europe. Its merger with Coral gave it the resources to take the brand to new heights.

Being one of the oldest online bookmakers in the UK and a long-time favourite, you’re guaranteed a superior betting experience with a huge range of accumulator bets to be placed on the Ladbrokes football betting platform.

Ladbrokes acca insurance is available.

bet365 logo

Bet365 Acca

It’s very hard for any punter across the world to not have heard about Bet365. Thousands of bets to choose from on Bet365 with no shortage on acca bets. If you’re unsure of how to do an accumulator on Bet365, fret not, as the process is very straightforward and very similar to other bookmakers.

Simply choose the games you want to be included in your Bet365 acca bet, check that you’re happy with the combined odds, insert your stake and you’re good to go. Bet365 acca insurance is available.



BetBull is the new kid on the block and operates differently than the traditional online bookmaker. It has a social element to football betting where you can follow tipsters, make bet mates and communicate with them throughout the game via the social feed feature.

If you’re looking for odds boosts on accas, BetBull Football Betting doesn’t disappoint. When choosing an acca that includes three or more selections, one spin on the wheel could give you the chance to boost your odds by 100%. 



You should definitely learn how to lay an accumulator on Betfair for an alternative acca experience. If you have placed an accumulator on a betting site but want to lay it on Betfair to make a small but guaranteed profit, you would need to check whether Betfair has the acca laying bet available for the games chosen.

However, there is another but more tedious method of laying an accumulator bet on Betfair called the sequential laying system. You would need to lay each game individually before each game starts but this method doesn’t work if the times the games that are played overlap in time. If you win the first one, move on to the next, however, if you lose one of the lay bets on Betfair, stop betting as there’s no chance of winning the rest. Sequential accumulators are harder to place but they can guarantee a profit.



Football accumulators are exciting and adrenaline-filled bets that have captivated punters from the early days of online betting. Football betting sites keep refining and improving on football accumalators to take the football betting experience to new heights. 

With everything discussed above about football accumulators, the main points to take home to make a decent profit are to keep accas to a small selection, study the game, and no impulsive bets. With that being said, placing a small stake on a huge accumulator is always a thrill in itself, but keep in mind that steady profits are made with calculated bets.

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