A Guide to Football Bet Builders

Get started making more diverse football bets with Bet Builders are online betting sites!

In this article, we will look at one of the most popular innovations recently in online football betting which you might have guessed from the title is the bet builder feature. While this article will mostly focus on the how to build a bet and the best situations to use the bet builder, we will also take a look at the request a bet function that football online bookmakers offer. This is kind of a niche market but some people really love the request a bet option so it is worth discussing. Let’s first begin by explain in the concept of bet builders!

What are Bet Builder Bets?

A bet builder or build a bet as it may be may be called on some sites is an exciting new feature that most bookmakers now offer their customers but what is a bet builder? Well, what Bet Builder wagers involves is basically making multiples but for one event. So, until recently, if you wanted to do a double, treble or accumulator you could not include two or more selections from the same event. Bet builder however allows you to do just this! You will see a whole market called bet builder on your chosen bookmaker’s site and here you will be given options of the different football betting markets you can combine to build your bet.

How to Build a Bet for Football

So, before we look at bet builder tips etc. Tet’s look at how to build a bet. For this example, I will be using Bet365 bet builder feature but don’t worry if they are not your preferred site all the best bet builder sites follow a similar style.

There we have it. As you can see the process of making bet builder bets is quite easy but don’t worry, we still have the most important part still to come: Our bet builder tips.

Bet Builder tips

So now that we know how to build a bet let’s look at some of the best bet builder tips. If you paid attention to the example, you might already where I am going with this. In my opinion the most profitable way to use the bet builder feature is to combine a result pick with total goal betting markets. The key however is to play it safe and mostly stay away from the 2.5 mark, we also want to mostly use this strategy when we are backing a favourite whose price might seem a little too short.

A perfect example of this is the recent Tottenham v Norwich football match where Tottenham went off as favourites with betting odds of between 1/3 and 1/2 (depending where you bet) but if you used the bet builder and combined a Tottenham win with under 4.5 goals your price would have jumped all the way to Bet Builder odds of 11/10. Before this game Norwich had gone 17 out of their last 24 premiership games without scoring and Tottenham have also been less than prolific. So, with this bet builder you win if Tottenham win 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 or 3-0. Tottenham won 3-0 so the bet cashed and you can now see why some good bet builder tips can really increase your profit on a football match,.

Another to add to the bet builder tips is to have fun with it. Sometimes you might just want to watch one game and have a long shot accumulator rather than having to wait all day for multiple matches to be played. When you build a bet for one game you can get the enjoyments of an accumulator condensed into 90 minutes. My personal is combining a player to be booked, with an anytime goal scorer and an overs bet. This way you are really just hoping for a fun and entertaining game.

There are countless other bet builder bets for you to use, so feel free to an experiment!

Best Online Bookmakers With Bet Builder Feature

As the bet builder feature is quite a new feature, we will very quickly run through some of the sites that had the feature that impressed us.

Bet365 Bet Builder

Not much to go through here that hasn’t been said already about the Bet365 bet builder feature. One great function to add though is when you do build a bet Bet365 actually let you combine these multiple selections from the one game with other singles or bet builders from other games. Meaning you could actually make doubles, trebles or accumulators on your bet slip using the bet builder feature. Overall, it is probably the best bet builder on the market.

Paddy Power Bet Builder

Paddy Powers’ bet builder feature is also very easy to use and has a huge selection of markets for you to build a bet with. A really nice added touch that Paddy Power bet builder has is they show you the most popular bet builders that other users have made for certain matches. This way its nearly like you are shopping for the best bet and you can receive bet builder tips from other users

William Hill Bet Builder

The William Hill bet builder feature or build #YourOdds as they call it is also one of our preferred build a bet sections on the market. William Hill offers a nice quantity of markets too and also include your bet builders in their Acca Club promotion. This means if your bet builder has odds of 3/1 or greater it counts towards the club just like a normal acca. This means you can win prizes and free bets which we’re always in for!

Unibet Bet Builder

Just like the three before it Unibet offer a pretty great selection of markets if you wish to build a bet on their site. A nice feature Unibet bet builder includes is that it lets you add 12 (!) selections to your bet builder. So, if you are feeling lottery levels lucky Unibet could be your ticket to the good life.

Ladbrokes Bet Builder

The relatively new the Ladbrokes bet builder feature means business. Not only do they offer a huge selection of markets for you to build your bet but there is actually no limit to how many selections you can put in your bet. Essentially, if you wanted, you could pick a selection from every market and bet it. If that comes off, please make sure to get in touch with us with that week’s lottery numbers. Nevertheless, it already looks like one of the most exciting new bet builders out there!

Request a Bet

Although not exactly the same as a bet builder the request a bet function that some bookmakers offer is similar. What people used to do before this new age of build a bet was request a bet. How it works is you contact your bookmaker normally by email or social media and ask them to combine a number of selections for you and give you a price. Request a bet is a lot less structured than the bet builder  section as you can request selections from the same matches, different games or even outright markets.

Twitter is the quickest way to get a request a bet price so, here are the hashtags to use for some of the bookmakers that offer request a bet.

  • William Hill request a bet – #YourOdds
  • Ladbrokes – #GetAPrice
  • Paddy Power request a bet – #WhatOdds
  • Betfair – #OddsOnThat

As you can see Bet365 request a bet is not included. They do not offer this service on social media. We believe this is because their bet builder option is already the best on the market and it is not necessary to include this service.


To finish, we hope we have given you some background knowledge when it comes to being able to build a bet and also some good bet builder tips. To rehash our main tips, use bet builder to increase your odds on an odds-on favourite or to have fun with a long shot accumulator. These two ways will guarantee the most profit and the most fun. Check out some of our betting sites and get started with Bet Builders today!


What is a bet builder?

A bet builder is a function bookmakers offer that allow you to combine multiple selections from one event into one overall bet.

How do I do a bet builder?

Check out the section in the article above called ‘How to Build a Bet for Football’ here you will find all the instructions you need to build a bet yourself!

Where can I find some good bet builder tips  ?

Well first of all read the above article but also check out our site we will soon have lots of exciting bet builder tips on site so hopefully you can follow along, build a bet and win some cash.