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Upcoming La Liga Betting Opportunities

The top level of the Spanish professional football pyramid is known as La Liga. Some of the most famous teams and players compete every season in this division and it’s considered by many to be the most exciting of the top European football competitions. UEFA certainly seems to share that view and rank La Liga at the top of their co-efficient standings.

La Liga is the biggest football competition in Spain, attracting thousands of fans to stadiums every week between late summer and spring with millions more across the country following games live on television. It also boasts a global fanbase with lovers of the beautiful game from across the globe showing an interest in the results and matches. La Liga is well supported in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, China, Australia, Canada and the US.

• As well as viewing figures in the millions, La Liga is also a competition popular with football bettors.
• Thousands of wagers are placed every week on the outcome of the season or the latest round of matches.

Want to get involved in La Liga Betting? In this article, you’ll find all the information you need on following and betting on La Liga. We explain the history and popularity of the league as well as the most successful teams and players, the current participants and how to place football bets on this league. Read through the content on this page to get a better understanding of how La Liga betting works. Then, click any link on this website to your preferred football betting site to register an account and grab a welcome bonus free bet.

A Guide to La Liga Betting

To give you the best chance of beating the bookies and making a continued profit on your La Liga bets, you must gamble with the best bookmaker. That’s one that gives you a generous welcome bonus free bet, the market best price La Liga odds, lots of football betting markets and specials, as well as pre-match and in-play betting.

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When you have the best bookmaker for Spanish betting behind you, it’s time to start placing bets. It’s advisable to research each gamble you place. Check the head-to-head stats, injury news, the recent form of both teams, line-ups, and more. You can place a bet before kick-off or bide your time and target a profit through the in-play betting markets.

La Liga betting markets

There are various La Liga betting markets to look into as you try to bet on this popular league. Typically, the most common betting markets for La Liga betting include:

  • La Liga top scorers, where you bet on a player to come out as the top scorer in the league at the end of the season.
  • La Liga winners, where you bet on the team that will eventually be crowned the league champion.
  • La Liga matches, where you bet on individual matches to see if you can guess the right score or outcome.
  • La Liga qualifiers, where you look into betting markets to see who will qualify for Europe at the end of the season.
  • La Liga relegation, where you try to place a bet on who you think will be the three relegated teams in May/June.

La Liga Winners

The most common starting place for La Liga betting is to place a bet on the La Liga winners. Typically, you are looking at one of the ‘big three’ in FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. Each year, another dark horse emerges – typically one of the larger clubs like Valencia CF or Sevilla. Given the nature of La Liga, though, the most typical La Liga table has one of the Madrid clubs and/or Barca in first, second, and third.

If you are looking to place a bet on the likely La Liga title winners, then you should always take a look at the Spanish La Liga table. See who is on a good run of form, and who might be slowing down at the wrong time. The La Liga winner odds will be pretty easy to determine based on this.

La Liga Scores

The next place to look into would be the scores in the league. Every weekend there is club football, a set of La Liga fixtures will be played out. This can be a good way to find some high value La Liga betting odds. Try and look for things like big derbies, and teams who have long records of home or away wins.

For example, the Seville derby is typically dominated in modern times by Sevilla. Smaller teams in Spain also tend to be poor travelers, so look for La Liga fixtures with relegation battlers traveling to one another. Look for trends in La Liga scores, too; you might spot a team in a purple patch of scoring, or a big club that has dropped off in terms of scoring value.

La Liga Golden Boot

Another great La Liga betting market is the top scorer market. The top scorer award in Spain is a prestigious award, with La Liga rated as one of the best leagues in the world. And with Ronaldo and Messi gone, there is a chance for a more balanced La Liga top scorer!

Your secret to finding the La Liga scorers who could win the top scorer prize is to look for players who score a lot at home. Teams in Spain tend to be strong at home and less effective away; play on this. Look for teams with a high regular scorer who seems to punish the smaller clubs. Most teams in La Liga have someone who can score, but the La Liga golden boot tends to go to a player near the top of the league.

However, if you spot someone scoring for a few games in a row, keep an eye on their form; it might be a sign they are about to hit a rare run of trophy-winning form, ala Dani Guiza in 2008.

La Liga betting tips

  • Teams in La Liga tend to have pretty contrasting home/away records. Use that to your advantage if you notice a team with a run of away games coming up.
  • Scorers can be quite streaky in La Liga given the nature of the league, so someone scoring a game or two in a row could be a good bet for a scoring bet.
  • Try to look less at the La Liga odds and more at the form book; this is an immensely competitive league, with many hidden gems disguised by the odds.
  • Always research to spot little trends in things like scoring and assist numbers for clubs.
  • If you see a team with a good scoring record but a poor run of results, look to use things like Over/Under goals margins on their games.
  • Focus on trying to find players who are hitting a surprising run of form. The nature of the league means it can only take one player in a purple match to make results out of sync with the odds.
  • Try to not get carried away with La Liga title odds; most teams are unlikely to have a chance while the ‘big three’ exist, so focus more on odds for European qualification and for relegation.


La Liga holds its own against the most popular sports competitions on the planet, with an average attendance on matchdays of around 27,000 fans. The number changes from season to season, but the top names in the league, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid, always help to keep the average up.

That average makes La Liga the third most attended and popular football league in Europe, behind the English Premier League and German Bundesliga. It also ranks amongst the wealthiest sports competitions, a list that includes the English Premier League, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

History of La Liga

There were talks of an organized Spanish division for many years before La Liga was officially unveiled as the flagship football competition in the region in 1929. It’s one of the oldest tournaments in the sport around today and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. La Liga continues to grow in stature, attracting new followers every season.

An idea for a Spanish football league was first recorded in 1928 by Jose Maria Acha who was a director at Getxo. This sparked much discussion and debate as founding members excitedly thrashed out the finer details of the league structure, how many teams would take part and which sides were worthy of inclusion. Ten clubs competed in the first season and many are still around today, including Real Madrid, Barcelona and Real Sociedad.

La Liga Winners List

The league has undergone many changes over the years before arriving at the 20-team division we know and recognize today. Despite this, the La Liga Winners list is one that is relatively short with just a few teams proving themselves to be the dominant force within the league.

Below you’ll find the La Liga Winners list of the most successful Spanish clubs:

Club Titles
Real Madrid 34
Barcelona 26
Atletico Madrid 11
Athletic Bilbao 8
Valencia 6
Real Sociedad 2
Deportivo 1
Sevilla 1
Real Betis 1

Notable Teams & Players

Many Spanish teams have conquered European football over the years and become well known due to their success.

La Liga may be made up of 20 teams, but the two most famous and well-supported are FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These clubs and bitter rivals enjoy a global following with supporters and supporters clubs located in every major city.

However, last season it was in fact the other Madrid-based team, Atletico, who took home the glory of winning La Liga. This year though the table is wide open with 4 teams all in with a shout, making outright betting odds some of the best they’ve been in years.

Top Players

Some of the top players have been attracted by the fame and fortune of playing in La Liga over the years, with past stars reading like a who’s who of the sport. Further proof of just how popular La Liga is with football followers comes from the fact both Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo played in Spain at the same time and during the peak of their careers.

There has been a long-running debate over who is the best player in the world – Messi or Ronaldo. Seeing them both line up against each other in El Clasico was one of the finest sights a football fan has ever seen. However, that baton has since been passed on as both players have left. One of the most promising prospects in La Liga is the teen sensation Pedri, who currently plays for Barcelona.

La Liga 2

The second division in Spain, La Liga 2, is among the most competitive leagues in the world. The financial nature of Spanish football means that money is not spent much here, while some genuinely big clubs hang around the league.

Check out the La Liga 2 table, and you can see some big names like Real Zaragoza stranded in the league. Other teams, like Deportivo La Coruna, are also working their way back to this level of football. La Liga 2 is a fine league to follow, but it can be hard to bet upon as the sheer competitive nature means that teams rarely put together massive winning runs.

By the same token, though, it means you can more confidently bet on a surprise away win for a team near the bottom when heading to a team at the top. Unlike La Liga, there is far more competition and balance from the top teams to the bottom teams.

La Liga FAQ

  • How to watch La Liga in the UK?

    You can watch La Liga in the UK using La Liga live streams from La Liga TV. You also get the odd match on the likes of FreeSports.
  • When does La Liga start?

    La Liga typically begins its season in mid to late August, fitting in a fixture or two before the first international break of the new season.
  • When are La Liga fixtures released?

    Most of the time, the fixtures for La Liga come out in the late summer, typically around late July or early August.
  • Who are the La Liga all-time top scorers?

    The highest scorers in La Liga history include Lionel Messi (474), Cristiano Ronaldo (311), Telmo Zara (251), and Hugo Sanchez (234).
  • How many games are in La Liga?

    Each team will play 38 games, meaning that each of the 20 teams will play each other once at home, and once away.